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Vemeo Firewall is an additional connection safety level. It blocks unauthorized network traffic and doesn't require any additional software or settings. It runs on our servers and secures the safety of each device that is connected to us.

Why do you need Vemeo Firewall?

Hackers and bots scan the Internet for unprotected devices and use them to steal all types of information or send out spam. They can get access to your system via the Internet from your system's unprotected ports. By connecting in this way bots and hackers can steal your personal information or install malicious software. Vemeo Firewall can prevent them from doing that.

Wi-Fi networks and Vemeo Firewall

Vemeo Firewall is extremely necessary when you connect to the Internet via a wireless network. Wi-Fi technology is vulnerable and most attacks are directed at it. Wi-Fi networks can receive signals of unauthorized scans and send them to your device. Vemeo provides you with an encrypted channel for access to the Internet and Vemeo Firewall protects your devices and data.

Protects all devices

Vemeo Firewall is installed on our servers and runs on all connected devices with no additional payment needed.

We recommend it especially for the protection of smartphones and notebooks, which don't have any built-in security software. Vemeo Firewall secures the personal information contained within tablets and PCs.

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