Protection at Home and Away

Encryption of cable, wireless and mobile networks

High level of security

Due to our high-level encryption of your Internet traffic, hackers and other attackers cannot intercept it. This is very important when connecting to unprotected networks, especially Wi-Fi networks.

Protocol maintenance

Our software uses PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC and SSL protocols. You can easily switch over among protocols without the need for additional software. Whichever protocol you choose you can be sure of a high level of encryption.

Connection reminder

Forget to connect to our service and encrypt your traffic? Our software can detect your status and will display a visual signal to make you aware that you are not connected. And it will remind you about the need to secure your Internet access.

Protection of your data from interception

There are scores of advertising agents on the Internet hiding under social network icons. Each day they collect information about all visitors to the websites where they are based.

Ad trackers gather your name and information about your purchases, interests and other personal information. Every day, this sort of information is sold to third parties. Banks, insurance companies, secret services and advertising corporations.

The main connecting link for data aggregators is your IP address, which is disclosed by your provider. Vemeo will hide your personal IP address and will provide you with one of the addresses at its disposal. Thus your data will be protected by Vemeo Firewall, offering the highest security level.

Safety for all devices

You can use protected Internet at home and away from home, on your notebook and desktop PC and on all of your devices.

Protection of electronic communication

Vemeo provides additional protection against the interception of various documents, including financial statements and commercial and personal information.

Protect your Wi-Fi

Vemeo encrypts all the traffic that passes through Wi-Fi networks, so your personal information cannot be intercepted by trespassers.

Protect your personal information

Vemeo encrypts all information. Your passwords and e-mails are encrypted to prevent unauthorised access.

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