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Vemeo enables you to choose an IP address for the region which is most suitable for you, so that you can visit your favourite Internet stores and check the prices in other countries, where goods come cheaper.

Use the protection provided by Vemeo without fear that your payment details and personal information might be intercepted.

Discover Internet stores in any region you are interested in. Just change your virtual country.
Make use of regional discounts at global Internet stores by using our services.

Advance releases and discounts on games

Steam, Origin and other distributors set different prices for the same products depending on the country. Vemeo helps you to choose a different region where the game costs less.

Vemeo helps you get the game you want earlier than the release time set for your region. There are often different release times for games depending on the country or continent - our services will help you start playing as early as possible.

Buy the game at a discount of 50% and bypass geographical limitations. All Steam prices in Russia are half as much as in other countries. Include Russia in Vemeo and buy the game at half price. Select another country to make your purchase and get a game earlier than the official release date for your country.
At Origin you can buy games cheaper than in your country. Just compare the prices by switching to different countries in Vemeo and buy them from the region where they are sold at discounts of up to 60%. Purchase games earlier than the official release date for your country by buying them from the country where they have already been released.

Popular internet stores

A pioneering online store. A very convenient store for online purchases which offers an opportunity to consult the seller, read responses about the product and much more.

Excellent customer care, with a suitable interface and a focus on quality service. After purchasing shoes at, you can return them for up to a year after. This particular advantage makes one return again and again.

The most famous Internet auction site, with turnover of approximately $10 billion per year. It was created by the computer programmer Pierre Omidyar. Today the auction site is among the world's five largest Internet stores.

The biggest British online store. Numerous discounts allow one to purchase shoes cheaper than at other stores.

An Italian online store selling fashionable collections from popular brands, at clearance discounts up to 50%, with all sorts of other sales promotions.

The best Asian Internet store has Chinese registration. Alibaba was set up not very long ago, in 2007. It is one of the best Chinese e-commerce websites.

A retail e-store selling a vast range of smartphones, players, and notebooks. The majority of Bestbuy's clients are from the USA and the UK.

One of the most popular Internet stores, due to unprecedented discounts you will find nowhere else. Discounts may reach as high as 90%.

The site offers a huge range of computer equipment, communication tools, expendable materials, health products, sporting goods, clothes, shoes, accessories and much more. You can negotiate a rebate by writing to the seller directly.

Realtime offering of over 80 000 articles from paper clips to computers. The bulk of items on sale are nevertheless computer accessories, mobile phones, players and various iPhone accessories.

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