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Vemeo was initially a small company trading in computers and network equipment. Later on we started providing equipment layout services for data centres. Our experts were in charge of managing client equipment and setting up and supporting network equipment.

In 2010, we started supporting heavy-load internet services. As a result of that service line we setup partnership relations with data centers and backbone providers.

Our Mission

One of Vemeo's main tasks is supporting the high quality products provided by our clients. This requires enormous work in connection with the writing of the software and the maintenance of the settings of our multiple servers. Our servers, which are located all over the world, have a bandwidth capacity which is measured in gigabits. All of this work is performed by a pool of highly qualified employees with long-term experience in this sphere.

Our vast experience, accumulated over years of working in partnership with the world's most established manufacturers and suppliers of software systems, enables us to provide you with high-quality, reliable services. Currently we specialize in the provision of services for improving Internet safety and privacy.

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Vemeo Security Ltd.
Belize, Belize City, Woods St. 18

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